• vSlice [VSL]

    A Meta-Token on Ethereum

    A Profit Sharing Token for the vDice Platform

    Contribute. Be Rewarded.

    Contribute funds to Smart Contract Game Developers.


    Earn ETH from successful Game Projects.

    Kickstarter on the Blockchain

    Oculus Rift raised $2.4 million on centralized platform; Kickstarter.


    It sold for billions to Facebook.


    None of the early kickstarter contributors benefited.


    With vSlice and the Blockchain that will never happen again.

    vSlice is About Help & Thanks

    Help game developers launch. They will help thank you, the vSlice holder, if they are successful.

  • vSlice

    Powered by Ethereum

    The vSlice Token is a Meta-Token on Ethereum

    vSlice is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. It is secured by its network of miners.

  • vSlice Smart Contract Structure

  • Team Profiles

    People behind vSlice

    Tristan Winters

    Head of Business Development

    Tristan is a veteran of blockchain. He contributes valuable written content and analysis to the space. He has also built a leading exchange.

    Jason Colby

    Head Tech. Development

    Jason was part of the original team that founded Ethereum. Based in the Berlin ETHDev HQ, he was with Ethereum 2014-2016.

    David Zaegna

    Head of Compiance

    David is a trained and compliance expert. He is also an industry veteran in gaming.

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